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AFT Pharmaceuticals (ASX: AFP) has reached agreement with Hainan Haiyao to distribute Crystaderm cream in China, the second largest pharma market in the world.

Crystaderm cream is a proprietary product that treats skin infections by the slow release of hydrogen peroxide onto the skin as an alternative to topical antibiotics, which if misused risk development of drug resistant bacteria.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Haiyao, an established pharmaceutical distribution company in China,” AFT Pharmaceuticals Managing Director. Dr Hartley Atkinson, said.

“We anticipate the launch will occur during this calendar year and believe that that there is a significant potential for this product in such a large population base.”

Hayao Pharmaceuticals Chairman, Wang Jianping, said there has been an unmet clinical demand in the Chinese acne market for a long time.

“As a new acne drug and anti-infective product without hormones and antibiotics, Crystaderm has been proven to be effective. Haiyao will carry out the commercialization process of Crystaderm in China. We are excited about its potential and developing our relationship with AFT.”

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