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Althea Group Holdings (ASX:AGH) has launched its new medicinal cannabis dried flower range, Atmos by Althea in partnership with renowned Canadian licensed producer Rocket Factory.

Atmos by Althea

The medicinal cannabis dried flower market can be segmented by the ratios of THC and CBD. Althea said that the growth and demand in this market lies within the mid-THC and high-THC segments and therefore it has targeted the launch of these two flowers within these segments.

The new range of medicinal cannabis dried flower products, Atmos by Althea, combines Althea’s experience in the medicinal cannabis industry with Rocket Factory’s state-of-the-art

growing facilities and advanced cultivation techniques.


Atmos by Althea offers an exclusive selection of premium medicinal cannabis dried flower products cultivated on a smaller indoor scale, enabling the meticulous craft production of the highest quality cannabis offerings available.

Althea is excited to launch the following GMP-certified products in Australia and the UK, to be prescribed by approved healthcare professionals.

Althea Cosmic T-25

Originating from Wedding Pie x Grape Pie, this indica hybrid strain is known for its earthy, herbal, vanilla cake-like aroma, and is 25% THC.

Althea Blast T-18

Originating from Banana OG x Ice Cream Cake, this indica hybrid strain is known for its sweet and cake-like, banana aroma, and is 18% THC.

. Althea plans to release additional products in partnership with Rocket Factory in the coming months, also under the new Atmos by Althea range.

“The launch of Atmos by Althea marks a significant milestone for Althea as we redefine the standard for medicinal cannabis dried flower products with our new Althea Cosmic T-25 and AltheaTM Blast T-18 offerings,” Althea CEO, Joshua Fegan, said.

“These products set a new benchmark in the industry by delivering consistently high-quality, premium medicinal cannabis dried flowers at a competitive price point for patients. This initiative embodies the company’s commitment to evolving the industry, empowering healthcare professionals, and alleviating patient burdens, firmly positioning Althea at the forefront of innovation and excellence.”


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