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Colin Hay

Australian medical technology company LBT Innovations Limited’s (ASX: LBT) APAS technology has been demonstrated to biopharmaceutical industry representatives at AstraZeneca’s Macclesfield Campus in the United Kingdom.


The demonstration featured as part of a tour of AstraZeneca’s Quality Control (QC) microbiology laboratory during the 2-day Pharmig Modern Micro Methods industry event.


AstraZeneca hosts APAS PharmaQC showcase at Pharmig Modern Micro Methods 2-day industry event held at AstraZeneca’s Macclesfield Campus in the United Kingdom.


APAS Pharma QC technology presented as best practice to biopharmaceutical industry innovators

The Pharmig Modern Micro Methods 2-day industry event was attended by over 40 pharmaceutical industry professionals seeking to learn about the latest technologies and best practice within pharmaceutical microbiology.


Delegates learned about the benefits of APAS Pharma QC with a presentation by AstraZeneca, title “Automated environmental monitoring plate reading powered by AI”.


A tour of AstraZeneca’s QC microbiology laboratory facilitated a hands-on demonstration and interaction with the APAS instrument, providing a powerful real-world engagement with the technology. LBT’s European sales executive was present and is conducting follow-up meetings with pharmaceutical industry professionals in attendance.


The presentation supports the company’s market development strategy for APAS PharmaQC, building broader awareness of the technology within the market.


“AstraZeneca are setting the standard for the implementation of new technologies and considering improved ways of working within pharmaceutical microbiology. This 2-day event is a great way of sharing best practice with peers in industry and it is great to see our APAS technology being included as a key part of the programme,” Brent Barnes, APAS’ CEO and Managing Director, said.

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