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Activeport Group (ASX:ATV) has confirmed that the condition precedent for the working capital agreement with its GPU Orchestration partner, Radian Arc, has been met.

Radian Arc has raised US$9M with the option to raise up to US$15M to grow their Cloud Gaming and AI service offerings.

The capital will accelerate the global roll-out of Radian Arc’s cloud gaming platform incorporating Activeport’s orchestration software.

Activeport currently earns recurring revenue of A$1M and growing by licensing software to Radian Arc. The company expects revenue from its GPU orchestration software to accelerate as Radian Arc expands its services beyond cloud gaming to include AI solution hosting.

Activeport is working closely with Radian Arc and their partners to create GPU-centric orchestration solutions used for cloud gaming and AI.

Activeport currently earns A$1M a year of recurring revenue from its GPU orchestration software via Radian Arc and anticipates revenue growth to accelerate as more cloud gaming sites are brought online and new AI applications are deployed on Radian Arc’s platform.

Activeport and Radian Arc work closely with key technology providers to optimise Activeport’s software performance on GPU’s, CPU’s and network encoder cards. The same technology used to deliver cloud gaming at scale can also host AI applications and as this new industry evolves, revenue should receive an extra boost as telecommunications carrier’s require more GPU and CPU power to deliver AI-driven solutions to their end-users.

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