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Regenerative medicine company AVITA Medical (ASX: AVH) has confirmed first US burn centre has treated a patient using its RECELL GOT System.

Recently FDA-approved, RECELL GO is a next-generation autologous cell harvesting device that harnesses the regenerative properties of a patient’s own skin to treat thermal burn wounds and full-thickness skin defects.

“Completing the first case with RECELL GO at the Joseph M. Still Burn Centre is a defining moment for AVITA Medical,” CEO, Jim Corbett, said.

“Following FDA approval, our swift product deployment ensured prompt delivery to the centre. The centre embraced our initiative, and together with our team, their clinicians successfully completed the first case last Friday, with additional cases completed over the past three days.

“With the integration of RECELL GO, we believe their clinicians will be empowered to expand treatment capabilities, reaching more patients and achieving optimal outcomes, thus setting a new standard of care in wound care management. We eagerly await the success stories of patients treated at this facility in the coming months.”

AVITA Medical will continue to rollout RECELL GO to top U.S. burn treatment centres in June, while other existing accounts will be converted throughout the year. New accounts will receive RECELL GO with their first order, eliminating the need for conversion.

RECELL technology offers clinicians and their patients a range of benefits compared to traditional skin grafting. The innovative device allows for improved healing using significantly less donor skin, leading to reduced pain, faster closure, and enhanced aesthetic appearance. Additionally, patients often require fewer procedures for definitive closure and experience a reduced length of stay for burns covering less than 50% total body surface area.

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