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Carnegie Clean Energy (ASX: CCE) has deployed its MoorPower technology successfully offshore, in waters off Fremantle, WA.

Carnegie CEO Jonathan Fiévez said the deployment completed yesterday had been a success.

“The deployment of our MoorPower technology is a significant milestone in the challenge of decarbonising offshore operations, it is an important step in bringing our technology to the world,” says Mr Fiévez.

“We have listened to the needs of industry operating in isolated offshore environments and adapted our unique CETO technology to their requirements. MoorPower will reduce the requirement for fossil fuels, reduce carbon emissions, reduce risk and drive down cost.

“What we are learning from this demonstration deployment at our testing grounds off Fremantle will be critical to rolling this technology out to aquaculture and other marine industries. We are grateful for the support of the Blue Economy CRC and the collaboration with all our project partners which have contributed to the success of the MoorPower Scaled Demonstrator.”

The involvement of the Blue Economy CRC and a consortium of leading industry and academic partners reflects a collective dedication to delivering a project that showcases the capabilities of MoorPower while also prioritising safety and reliability, key for offshore industries.

“The successful deployment of Carnegie’s MoorPower Demonstrator is testament to the impact the Blue Economy CRC has in bringing together key technology developers such as Carnegie Clean Energy, with leading universities and innovative aquaculture companies.” says Blue Economy CEO, Dr John Whittington.

“This technology advances Australia’s ocean energy capabilities and provides real-world solutions for decarbonisation and a tangible pathway to net-zero.”

The deployment follows extensive onshore testing and commissioning completed at Carnegie’s onshore facility. Rigorous onshore testing has focused on reliability, allowing the project team to test communications, control strategies and more in advance of ocean deployment.

The MoorPower Demonstrator project will yield vital insights into the behaviour of the MoorPower system across various sea conditions. These results will play a crucial role in validating the modelling of the MoorPower technology and validating performance simulations for future commercial MoorPower projects.

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