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Colin Hay

Australian headquartered De.mem Ltd (ASX:DEM) has revealed that its graphene Ooxide enhanced (GO) membrane technology has passed all National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) test procedures.


This means all technical requirements for the certification are fulfilled and De.mem expects to be officially listed on the NSF website within the coming weeks.


Certification enables immediate commercialisation of USA domestic water filtration market opportunity through existing Purafy distribution partnership.


De.mem expects over $1m revenue over two years for potable water treatment applications in the North American and Australian markets only, with further revenue upside from entering new geographies.


Other global distribution partnerships are now being actively pursued.


NSF Requirements Passed


The NSF certification enables the company to actively pursue immediate commercialisation opportunities in the North American and global markets.


The NSF approval process extended for more than two years. Pursuant to NSF Standard 53, water treatment products are performance tested and verified by the NSF for the treatment of contaminants of health concern.


Significant Financial Upside


De.mem conservatively expects over $1m in new revenues in the North American and Australian domestic potable water solutions market, from its wholesale distribution arrangement with Purafy/Grafoid (Canada), during the initial market introduction phase.

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