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Colin Hay

HeraMED’s (ASX: HMD) innovative HeraCARE platform has reached a record number of accumulated mums.

As at 15 June 2024, the number of accumulated mums on the HeraCARE platform reached 3,533 registered mums, representing sequential growth of 12% or 365 users since 31 March 2023.

The number of accumulated HeraCARE platform mums is expected to continue growing as a number of previously announced agreements and partnerships are implemented across calendar 2024.

US based channel partner e-Lovu Health primarily targeting private clinics on the US West Coast has continued to steadily grow with 15 clinics now using HeraCARE and 345 current active users on the platform across all clinics. Similarly, Perth based private clinics Simply Women and JOGG have also begun to grow the number of mums on HeraCARE currently at 153 active mums, with more mums getting access to care during and in between their doctor’s visits.

HeraCARE allows hospitals, clinics and health providers to offer remote pregnancy monitoring for their patients for customised care plans across low-risk pregnancies, as well as mums with hypertension, gestational diabetes, and mental health. Mental health care plan now extends to post-partum care.

The high- risk care plans address three key areas of maternal challenges which affects a growing number of mums and the huge cost associated with them. In the US alone, hypertensive disorders in mothers has an annual cost of US$7.5 billion; gestational diabetes has an annual cost of US$4.8 billion; and maternal mental health cost US$18.1 billion annually.

As deployment at other sites continue, it is expected the number of active mums on HeraCARE to continue rising. The accumulated HeraCARE data over time is expected to deliver significant revenue, product and patient opportunities and continued innovation including HeraMED’s “data as a service” approach as well as the use and integration of proprietary AI tools and analysis.

Accumulated Users

The HeraCARE platform offers a remote monitoring solution and configurability of care plan for both service provider and patient journeys, offering flexibility as well as time and cost savings.

Since 31 March 2024, the number of accumulated mums on the platform continued to grow and reached 3,533 as at 15 June 2024 (+365 accumulated users or 12% sequential growth). Importantly, HeraMED continues to accumulate a significant repository of data which is anticipated to be increasingly valuable to a range of health providers.

To date, approximately 90,000 digital measurements have been recorded from the 3,533 pregnancies managed through HeraCARE including foetal heart rates, maternal heart rates, blood pressure, weight, temperature and mood tracking.

Over time, the accumulated data in expected to provide early clinical intervention opportunities and a reduction of mortality and morbidity. It is anticipated to accelerate HeraMED’s “data as an asset” approach and the use of proprietary AI to assist in analysis and, in the future, become integrated into the HeraMED solution.

“We continue to execute on our recently announced four-point strategic plan. The strong operating momentum and feedback from customers and health providers is

translating into rapid accumulated user growth on our HeraCARE platform,” Managing Director and CEO, Anoushka Gungadin, said.

“In driving our data-as-an asset strategy, we are building quality as well as quantity of data – high-quality data ensures accurate diagnosis and treatment, while sufficient quantity provides a comprehensive view of the patient's health, enabling more informed decision-making.”

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