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Australian Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology company InteliCare Holdings (ASX: ICR) has confirmed a 10-bed deployment at the Hardi Aged Care Manly Vale facility will now expand to a full site rollout.

In addition, the deployment of InteliCare into 42 single rooms at the Blacktown facility, Hardi’s second site has been brought forward to occur at the same time.

InteliCare and Hardi entered into a binding Subscription Agreement on 27 February 2024 to deploy InteliCare into Hardi’s six residential aged care facilities, supporting almost 600 residents. The deployment across these six facilities is expected to take approximately nine months.

“I am delighted to report on the success of the 10 bed pilot deployment at Manly Vale. InteliCare will now be implemented across the remaining 82 beds at Manly Vale to provide Hardi with the valuable benefits they have seen in the pilot period across an entire facility,” CEO, Daniel Pilbrow, said.

“We have built a really strong partnership with the Hardi team during this first phase of pilot deployment at the Manly Vale site, and we continue to benefit from their valuable inputs and insights. I am particularly impressed with the way Hardi are approaching how the implementation of InteliCare can support their operating model, and how it can support in the delivery of the best care to residents and great experiences for team members.

“I am really excited that we are also able to support Hardi in bringing forward the implementation of InteliCare in 42 single rooms at the second site in Blacktown to occur at same time as the Manly Vale facility.”

Jo Dalton, Hardi Aged Care GM, said the body is currently planning the roll out across the whole Manly Vale facility.

“We also confirm we have brought forward the implementation of InteliCare into the 42 Extra Service single rooms with ensuites at our Blacktown site, with the aim of completing these at the same time as the Manly Vale roll out.”



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