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Colin Hay

Judo Capital Holdings ASX:JDO) has announced that after seven years as CEO of Judo Bank, Australia’s most successful challenger bank, Joseph Healy is stepping down. Chris Bayliss, Judo’s Deputy CEO and Chief Relationship Officer, will succeed Mr Healy.

Mr Healy will step down from his role as CEO on 18 March 2024 and Mr Bayliss will commence as CEO and Managing Director on 19 March 2024. Mr Healy will remain until 28 June 2024 as an advisor to Mr Bayliss during the transition.

Judo Bank Chairman, Peter Hodgson, said that as one of the co-founders of Judo Bank, along with an exemplary career in international banking, Mr Bayliss is strongly aligned to the purpose and vision of Judo Bank as it continues on its path to become a world class SME business bank for the underserved SMEs of Australia.

“Since the very beginning, Chris has been a key leader in building our bank. He has worked tirelessly and with clear purpose and drive across every corner of Judo as it has grown in both strength and size. He has held positions of Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Relationship Officer and Deputy CEO of Judo. In each of these roles, he has applied his 40 years of business and retail banking experience, which has played an enormous part in building the bank we see today - a bank on a clear path to becoming a scale player in the Australian financial landscape”.

Mr Bayliss’ experience spans international banks and markets and includes senior executive positions at Standard Chartered Bank in Singapore, National Australia Bank, Bank of New Zealand, and Yorkshire/Clydesdale Bank in the UK.

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