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Mayne Pharma Group (ASX: MYX) has been granted two new patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office, providing additional protection to its NEXTSTELLIS formulation.

“NEXTSTELLIS is the flagship product in our Women's Health Portfolio, and we are thrilled about the issuance of these new patents,” Mayne Pharma CEO Shawn Patrick O’Brien said.

NEXTSTELLIS continues to show the highest growth rate in the US branded OC market.

Licensed from Estetra SRL, a subsidiary of Mithra Pharmaceuticals SA, NEXTSTELLIS is the first and only contraceptive pill containing a new low impact estrogen, estetrol (E4), and a progestin, drospirenone.

E4 is a natural estrogen produced by the human body during pregnancy and in NEXTSTELLIS it is derived from a plant source. E4 is the first new estrogen introduced in the US in more than 60 years.


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