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Global healthcare technology company Oneview Healthcare (ASX.ONE) has signed a development agreement with Portugal’s WeTek, to create a state-of-the-art entertainment and care management solution, designed to enhance the patient experience during hospital stays.

WeTek, which that develops media distributions solutions for businesses worldwide, and Oneview will collaborate to bring together WeTek’s media entertainment solutions and Oneview’s Care Experience platform within an enterprise-ready Android platform that can be used across both IP and coaxial technology infrastructure.

Oneview CEO, James Fitter, said the access to market-leading video technology, combined with a wide array of content, will provide an unrivalled entertainment experience combined with the security and trusted user experience of the Oneview Care solution, via WeTek’s Android set-top box.

Mr Fitter said the availability of the android set-top box is central to Oneview’s strategy to cater to a broader segment of the hospital market with solutions to support both IP and legacy coaxial technology infrastructure.

Of Oneview’s existing customer base in the US, there is an additional ~6100 beds that are accessed by existing coaxial cabling (as opposed to internet or Wi-Fi).

The android set-top box provides Oneview with a solution to support the beds using this legacy infrastructure, but also provides hospitals with a plug and play solution that will significantly enhances the patient experience while making use of existing hardware.

“We are very impressed with the success WeTek have enjoyed partnering with one of the world’s leading global hotel brands to digitise the guest experience.

“We have worked with leading healthcare providers to digitise the patient experience and we believe this partnership will help accelerate our growth, enabling us to power exemplary care experiences at a lower capital cost.

“The Android platform is core to our strategy to grow market share by supporting both modern and legacy hospital infrastructure and minimizing the capital cost of technology at the bedside.

“WeTek cater to a very specialised set of requirements for our set-top box needs, allowing us to provide the entertainment experience patients expect while delivering digital services and enabling virtual care, with the security, stability and manageability required in the enterprise setting.”

“WeTek has been making itself known as a development hub for video technologies, helping businesses across the world to take advantage of this tool and better serve their clients. From ISPs and Cable/Satellite Operators to healthcare facilities and hospitality services, their projects cover a wide range of challenges.”

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