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Colin Hay

Wound care specialist PolyNovo (ASX: PNV) has announced a record monthly revenue of $10.1 million for April 2024.

The company's US business grew strongly, with monthly sales of $6.9 million, up around 75.0% on STLY.

Monthly sales from the rest of the world contributed $2.4 million, up circa 68.2% on the same time last year. PolyNovo noted particularly strong growth continuing in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Germany.

Total group revenue for the month was $10.1 million, up circa 68.6% on April 2023.

“Rest of World sales are very pleasing, coming off a low base. The direction is clear, and with new geographies and new patient applications I couldn’t be happier. It’s hard to contain my excitement when I see first time orders into Turkey, Abu Dhabi and Ukraine as I think of the lives we are saving,” Chair, David Williams, said.

PolyNovo is a disruptive medical device company, focused on advanced wound care that designs, develops, and manufactures dermal regeneration solutions using its patented NovoSorb biodegradable polymer technology.

NovoSorb B is a dermal scaffold for the regeneration of the dermis when lost through extensive surgery, trauma or burn. NovoSorb is a novel range of bio-resorbable polymers that can be produced in many formats including film, fibre, foam, and coatings. NovoSorb’s unique properties provide excellent biocompatibility, control over physical properties, and a programmable bio-resorption profile.

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