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Colin Hay

Predictive diagnostics pioneer Proteomics International Laboratories’ (ASX: PIQ) subsidiary OxiDx Pty Ltd has been granted a patent in 19 major European countries for its platform technology to measure oxidative stress.

Proteomics International Managing Director Dr Richard Lipscombe said the patent is a significant milestone for commercialisation of this innovative technology in key markets.

“It is exciting to see the uniqueness of the OxiDx technology being recognised in leading markets, and we look forward to the technology rolling out.”

Oxidative stress is implicated in over 70 health conditions with a person’s levels often reflective of health and fitness.

The ability to measure oxidative stress has broad application across multiple markets, from an athletic monitoring tool for competition preparedness and injury reduction in professional sports and horse racing industries, to a monitoring tool for health and wellbeing, including in primary industries such as stock production.

It can also serve as a complementary diagnostic (CDx) test for assessing treatment efficacy and precision medicine by enabling personalised dosing in clinical trials.

The OxiDx test can measure levels of muscle damage using a simple fingerprick blood sample to detect protein biomarkers in the blood.

In professional sports, muscle injuries are the most frequent cause of incapacity, accounting for up to 55% of all injuries. In 2019, $1.4 billion was spent on treating potentially avoidable sports injuries in Australia.

In the horse racing industry, 85% of thoroughbreds suffer at least one injury during their first 2-3 years of their racing career.

These patents are part of a family of patent applications in all major jurisdictions, which, if granted, will significantly extend the lifespan and regional coverage of OxiDx’s existing intellectual property portfolio.

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