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Xref Limited’s (ASX:XF1) identity checking business Rapid ID Pty Ltd has entered an exclusive partnership with Higher Ed Services (HES) to deliver a new digital checking solution that revolutionises how businesses check university graduate qualifications.

RapidID is a disruptive ID verification and fraud prevention platform that simplifies identification, screening and compliance tasks in an all-in-one, integrated API. It provides clients with real-time identity verification and screening. HES is a not-for-profit entity owned by Universities Australia.

HES manages ‘My eQuals’, a digital academic credentials platform that was established through a collaboration involving 47 public universities across Australia and New Zealand (ANZ).

My eQuals continues to expand to other tertiary education providers, including TAFEs and private providers. The platform allows all participating education providers to issue official academic credentials records.

HES has now commenced building the Graduation Verification Service (GVS). The latter service will be a central digital repository of graduation data that enables third parties (employers, recruiters, background checkers) to instantly verify a graduate’s qualifications.

The GVS will cover up to 20 years of historical records for each education provider and will be capable of verifying millions of unique qualification records. Prior to the GVS, no such central database existed, resulting in graduate qualification checks being slow and expensive. In many cases, they were deemed to be impracticable.

The advent of the GVS will provide a more cost effective, time-saving and reliable method for checking the qualifications of over 400,000 students who graduate from ANZ universities and other tertiary education providers that participate in My eQuals each year, as well as historic graduates from those institutions.

HES has partnered exclusively with RapidID to deliver the Graduate Verification Service to the market. RapidID will act as the exclusive wholesale gateway, servicing all retailers who seek qualification verification as part of their own offerings.

Upon launch, the GVS will be immediately available to all Xref customers via the Xref marketplace and platform.

David Haines, RapidID Director & General Manager, said ask any recruiter and they’ll likely bemoan just how long a graduate qualification check can take.

“For many years the tertiary education sector has lagged behind in its ability to verify qualification data in realtime.

“HES’ move to digitise graduate checks will revolutionise the way businesses access qualification data and dramatically reduce their time to identify, screen and hire in this hyper-competitive labour market.

“Hats off to HES for being able to successfully deliver such a complex undertaking. From our perspective, we are immensely proud to partner with HES and excited to be the exclusive wholesale distributor of such an eagerly anticipated solution.”

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