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Colin Hay


Singular Health Group (ASX: SHG) has launched its new online DICOM viewer along with a ChatGPT 3.5 AI integration with semi-automated patient education prompts.

The launch is aligned with 3Dicom’s mission of developing a seamless and integrated healthcare ecosystem that unlocks the true value of medical imaging records by enabling universal access, promoting interoperability, and enhancing understanding and decision-making through advanced technologies.

This new viewer brings a new level of accessibility to Singular Health’s growing customer base, eliminating the need for patients to download desktop applications for Windows and MacOS for improved medical record management.

Following enterprise purchase orders of more than 7,500 3Dicom Patient licenses for the Miami-based 3Dicom Veteran’s Initiative and Roseman University announced in mid-late January 2024, there has been a focus and priority on the transition from the development of new features and functionality towards ensuring ease-of-use and scalable deployment of the 3Dicom software.

Based on feedback from existing customers, and in order to streamline future modules for generative AI and automated segmentation, it was clear that the non-diagnostic 3Dicom Patient and R&D softwares would need to be migrated to fully web-based solution.

Managing Director, Denning Chong, said the product launch comes just three months after the initial online proof-of-concept and sees all the functionality of the desktop version of 3Dicom Patient replicated in the online viewer along with the addition of interactive tutorials and annotations.

“The recent evolution of the 3Dicom software is the technical catalyst for future growth as we open up additional commercial avenues through licensing, easier integration with outputs from AI models, and ‘one-click’ solutions for storage and sharing,” Chong said.

“This new online viewer retains the spirit of the 3Dicom software, with on-device anonymisation prior to upload, on-device rendering rather than server-based rendering, and numerous other technical innovations that improve accessibility and performance whilst also minimising the usual unning costs of cloud-based solutions.”

Licensable Software Development Kit (SDK)

The development of the 3Dicom Online Viewer has been accelerated by leveraging the existing IP and code base, and a new approach has been taken in separating the graphics processing functionality from the user interface and packaging it as a standalone Software Development Kit (SDK).

This evolution allows for faster development, the ability to customise the front-end user interface to suit numerous different applications, including iOS and Android mobile applications, and the ability to license the viewer without exposing the company’s core IP.

The company is in currently in early stage negotiations with several entities in Europe, South East Asia and the USA with regards to the licensing of the online viewer.

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