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In a strategic move to enhance organisational performance and employee well-being, UAre, a pioneering longevity business, has announced the launch of a $1 million seed funding round. The funds will enable UAre to scale its innovative solutions designed to measure and maximise quality of life and longevity for both individuals and organisations.

Transforming Corporate Health and Performance

Founded by seasoned entrepreneurs Marc Pasques, Grant Ellison, and Kendrick Louis, UAre integrates data from its app and various wearable technologies to provide businesses with critical insights into employee movement, mindset, relationships, and habits. By leveraging this data, UAre offers personalised recommendations and estimated life expectancy, empowering companies to make informed decisions that enhance employee well-being and productivity.

“We’re providing businesses with critical insights into their wellbeing programs' effectiveness, guiding them on where to invest next,” said Kendrick Louis, Co-Founder of UAre. “This seed raise is a significant milestone in our journey to make a meaningful impact on global health and longevity.”

B2B Offering: Enhancing Organisational Performance

UAre’s solution extends beyond individual use, offering significant benefits for organisations. The company provides anonymised aggregated insights that enable businesses to ethically benchmark and improve the performance and longevity of their employees, customers, and members. This ensures that companies can accurately target and maximise their return on investment in human capital.

UAre’s premium service bundles for B2B customers include mentoring from elite athletes and epigenetic testing, providing a comprehensive approach to enhancing employee well-being and productivity. By offering these advanced services, UAre helps businesses create a healthier, more engaged, and productive workforce.

Founders' Expertise Driving Success

Grant Ellison

Grant Ellison is a successful entrepreneur and strategist who has founded and led multinational tech businesses through start-up, scale-up, IPO, and exit. He brings a wealth of experience in navigating the complexities of the tech industry. For more information, visit Grant Ellison's LinkedIn.

Marc Pasques

Marc Pasques is an experienced customer-focused tech leader with expertise in building and managing teams to deliver scalable solutions for multinational businesses. His leadership skills are crucial to UAre's operational success. For more information, visit Marc Pasques's LinkedIn.

Kendrick Louis

Kendrick Louis is a world champion athlete and marketing expert who excels in attracting talent and developing high-performance teams. His insights into performance and well-being are integral to UAre’s mission. For more information, visit Kendrick Louis's LinkedIn.

Capitalising on a Growing Market

The wearable technology market is expanding rapidly. A recent study by Telsyte revealed that 36% of Australians now own a smartwatch, with the market projected to reach $5.3 billion this year and potentially grow to $6.5 billion by 2029. UAre’s innovative approach positions it at the forefront of this growth, offering unique solutions that cater to both individual and organisational needs.

Future Prospects

“We’re bullish on UAre’s future,” said Grant Ellison. “We forecast a revenue of $30 million by the end of 2026 and an enterprise valuation of $150 million. Our goal is to have 500,000 users and 200 businesses signed up for our application.”

By the end of 2024, UAre anticipates having 30 business customers and 50,000 individual members, generating about $1 million in revenue. Growth is expected to be driven by uptake from businesses and investments in premium services such as mentoring from elite athletes and epigenetic testing.

For more information, visit UAre's official website.

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