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In a significant move for the semiconductor industry, Weebit Nano Limited (ASX:WBT) and Efabless Corporation have announced a collaboration to simplify and reduce the cost of prototyping innovative System on Chip (SoC) designs. This partnership grants Efabless customers the ability to integrate Weebit’s Resistive RAM (ReRAM) non-volatile memory (NVM) into their designs using SkyWater Technology Foundry’s 130nm CMOS (S130) process.

Efabless’ chipIgnite platform is at the heart of this initiative, providing an open-source environment for designing and fabricating chips. This platform is particularly valuable for applications in the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and other cutting-edge fields. With the addition of Weebit’s ReRAM, chipIgnite users can now enhance their prototypes with advanced NVM technology, facilitating the creation of more capable and efficient devices.

Advantages of Weebit ReRAM

Weebit’s ReRAM technology stands out in the industry for its energy efficiency, reliability, security, and cost-effectiveness compared to traditional flash memory and other emerging NVM technologies. Key features of Weebit ReRAM in the SkyWater S130 process include:

  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption: Ideal for battery-operated and energy-sensitive applications.
  • High Speed: Ensuring quick data access and processing.
  • Radiation Tolerance: Suitable for use in harsh environments.
  • Temperature Resilience: Qualified for automotive-grade temperatures, ensuring robust performance.

These attributes make Weebit ReRAM a compelling choice for designers looking to integrate advanced memory capabilities into their SoC designs.

Collaboration Details and Benefits

Under the collaboration, Efabless customers can access Weebit ReRAM technology for a nominal fee during the design phase. Should their prototypes transition to commercial production, customers will then license the ReRAM IP directly from Weebit Nano. This model supports a seamless progression from prototype to market-ready product.


Coby Hanoch, CEO of Weebit Nano, said: “The Efabless chipIgnite program is a fantastic platform that empowers a wide range of innovators, from academics to startups, to rapidly develop and test new designs. This collaboration will not only raise awareness of Weebit ReRAM but also expand the community of designers who can benefit from our technology. As these prototypes move towards commercial production, we’re ready to support and accelerate this transition.”


Mohamed Kassem, CTO of Efabless, highlighted the value of the integration: “Our mission at Efabless is to make chip design and prototyping accessible and affordable. The integration of Weebit’s ReRAM into our platform is a significant enhancement, meeting the growing demand for integrated NVM in intelligent applications like TinyML. This addition allows designers to gain deeper insights into the performance of their devices in real-world scenarios.”


The collaboration between Weebit Nano and Efabless marks a pivotal advancement in the field of semiconductor prototyping. By combining Weebit’s cutting-edge ReRAM technology with Efabless’ user-friendly chipIgnite platform, this partnership is set to drive innovation and efficiency in SoC design, paving the way for the next generation of intelligent devices.

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