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Axis Communications has announced the winners of its Oceania Partner Awards 2024 at its annual Partner Summit in Denarau Island, Fiji. Honouring the accomplishments of partners in the region, this year’s awards celebrated the companies that have distinguished themselves as pioneers of innovation this past year.


By providing customers with reliable and trusted network solutions, Axis and its partners continue to go beyond to create a smarter and safer world. Axis remains committed to fostering strong partnerships that deliver outstanding outcomes and drive sustainable innovation. This strategy takes into account the 4 pillars of the Axis approach to sustainability, which are to respect people, innovate responsibly, protect our planet, and be trustworthy.


Wai King Wong, Regional Director for Oceania at Axis Communications, said: “We are immensely grateful for the dedication of our partners, whose contributions have been instrumental in our success this past year. Together, we’ve navigated today’s dynamic technology landscape to go beyond and deliver cutting-edge security solutions. Thanks to these valuable collaborations, we have been able to strike a balance between optimising current strategies and exploring new avenues for growth. I am looking forward to what we can achieve in 2024 and beyond”.


The Oceania Partner Awards 2024 were broken down by region and segment, with top-performing partners and distributors recognised. The full list of award winners is as follows:


Top Partner Winners by Region

-       NSW: JD Security

-       QLD: Link Enterprise Solutions

-       ACT: Wormald Security

-       VIC: PMT Security

-       SA: BST Systems

-       WA: SEME Solutions

-       TAS: TMR Systems

-       New Zealand: Advanced Security Group

-       Oceania region: Convergint

-       Fastest growing partner in Australia: H3C Plus

-       Fastest growing partner in New Zealand: Nextro


Top Winners by Category

-       Retail segment partner Australia: PMT Security

-       Retail segment partner New Zealand: Focus Digital Security Solutions

-       Government segment partner Australia: Optic Security

-       Government segment partner New Zealand: Advanced Security Group

-       Critical infrastructure partner Australia: Royal Eagle

-       Critical infrastructure partner New Zealand: Advanced Security Group

-       Smart cities segment partner Australia: Link Enterprise Solutions

-       Smart cities segment partner New Zealand: Evotek Technologies

-       Banking segment partner Australia: ARA Security

-       Banking segment partner New Zealand: Securitek

-       Transportation segment partner Australia: ARA Security

-       Transportation segment partner Australia: Nextro


Special Partner Award Winners

-       Axis intercoms partner: Advanced Security Group

-       E2E champion partner: JD Security

-       Audio Awards: Link Enterprise Solutions


Top Distributor Winners

-       Top distributor Australia: Dicker Data

-       Top distributor New Zealand: Channel Ten Security

-       Highest YoY Growth in Australia: Central Security Distribution (CSD)

-       Highest YoY Growth in New Zealand: Channel Ten Security

-       E2E distributor Australia: Dicker Data

-       E2E distributor New Zealand: Sektor


Hall of Fame

-       Hamish McKenzie - Channel Ten Security

-       Luke Morgan - Link Enterprise


About Axis Communications

Axis enables a smarter and safer world by creating solutions for improving security and business performance. As a network technology company and industry leader, Axis offers solutions in video surveillance, access control, intercom, and audio systems. They are enhanced by intelligent analytics applications and supported by high-quality training.

Axis has around 4,000 dedicated employees in over 50 countries and collaborates with technology and system integration partners worldwide to deliver customer solutions. Axis was founded in 1984, and the headquarters are in Lund, Sweden​. For more information about Axis, please visit our website

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