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Colin Hay


Australian-based reproductive biotechnology company, Memphasys Limited (ASX: MEM), has confirmed that Vitrolife Japan KK has placed an additional order for the Felix System under its exclusive agreement to sell and distribute the device in Japan.

The order of 200 single-use Felix cartridges and six Felix consoles will be directed to six target clinics in Japan.

Inclusive of this recent sale, Vitrolife Japan KK is progressively incorporating the Felix System into nine of its clinics in the private health sector via a total of 500 Felix cartridges and nine Felix consoles. These figures exclude sales MEM undertook prior to the Vitrolife distribution agreement.

Since the initial announcement of MEM entering an exclusive distribution agreement with Vitrolife Japan KK in August 2023, clinical interest among Japanese IVF clinics has grown significantly, resulting in the recent expansion in sales volumes and clinics using the device.

The increased sales volume demonstrates Memphasys is successfully progressing the sales onboarding process, with Vitrolife KK clinicians, embryologists and management becoming increasingly familiar with the system. The expansion of Felix to additional clinics further increases device awareness, with Vitrolife providing training and managing the distribution of the device to new and existing clinics.

Felix, MEM’s first commercial product, is a premium automated device with single-use cartridges for preparing sperm for human IVF procedures. The device gently separates sperm from a semen sample in six minutes using electrophoresis and size exclusion membranes without causing damage to sperm DNA.

Feedback from Japanese clinicians and Embryologists indicate the Felix System has been well received. A dataset of results is in the process of being compiled, which is expected to position the Felix System to receive Japanese public health insurance coverage. This will significantly expand the attractiveness of the device to a broader number of clinics in Japan.

Vitrolife will continue marketing to further groups of client clinics and rollout the Felix System to other clients. Data from these clinics will continue to be used by Vitrolife as points of reference for other clinics to build further endorsement of FelixTM throughout the Japanese market.

Memphasys Acting CEO and Managing Director Dr David Ali said the order for six additional consoles and 200 cartridges in the Japanese market is further evidence that the partnership with Vitrolife is continuing to build the company’s sales pipeline.

“Importantly the feedback from Japanese clinicians and scientists who have already utilised Felix has been very encouraging.

“I firmly believe MEM, in collaboration with Vitrolife, is on the path for Felix to receive public health insurance coverage in Japan which will significantly bolster our sales pipeline into this key market.

“I am also pleased to see developments with Vitrolife’s subsidiaries in Canada and New Zealand and look forward to progressing the onboarding process prior to receiving first orders.”

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