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Certsy, a SEEK (ASX:SEK) owned credential verification platform, has signed an agreement with Xref (ASX:XF1), a leading provider of automated reference checking.

Xref, Certsy and SEEK are exploring opportunities to collaborate and improve the way reference checks are used in employment.

Reference checks are an important and long-established way to validate past work history. This collaboration will explore a range of opportunities for Xref reference checks to be used by Certsy and SEEK to facilitate more job placements and to help job seekers to stand out by verifying and showcasing prior employment.

Certsy provides a secure credential passport for individuals to manage, and share verified credentials, and a workforce compliance platform, Certsy Workplace, for organisations to manage their compliance checks.

The first phase of this integration is enabling employers on the Certsy Workplace platform to request reference checks provided by Xref. The integration will utilise Xref’s current API which is currently used to securely integrate automated reference checks with many ATS (applicant tracking system) partners globally.

Future phases will explore other uses of Xref reference checks, such as verifying work history and the potential of pre-verified references to accelerate the hiring process, rather than the traditional approach of “references on request”.

Next steps are to build out the integration between Certsy and Xref, with both parties working closely on this first phase through until Q4 FY24. We will announce further details once the initial integration has been completed and we are ready to move on with future phases of this collaboration.

Certsy will pay Xref for reference checks used and both parties will co-market with the support of SEEK to drive adoption.

“As Australia continues to recover from the impacts of the pandemic and resulting economic pressures, there are obvious benefits to improving the speed and efficiency of the employment sector,” Xref Founder and CEO, Lee-Martin Seymour, said.

“Together with Certsy’s career passport, Xref can provide reference feedback and employment verification directly to the Employers and Candidates using the SEEK platform.”

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