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We’re here today with Greg Muller founder and CEO of Gooroo Ventures. Greg thanks for your time. Are you able to share some of the background to the company?

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Greg Muller: [00:00:15] We started investing in our technology in 2013. The technology that we’re building is technology that allows us to connect expertise with an organisation. Now that organisation forms part of teams or has teams, has different departments and different cultures that exist. So what we identify is the right person for the right role and for the right team.

David Tasker: [00:00:40] So it’s more than a recruiting or a HR tool?

Greg Muller: [00:00:44] It’s an entire ecosystem. What we’re particularly wanting to understand is beyond just the skills that an individual has but rather how they think, how they process information, how they make decisions in their work. Because when we understand that when we understand the natural orientations of an individual and what’s required for a role then we connect people in a much more accurate way. It allows us to make hiring faster, hiring smarter but it also allows us to build higher performing teams internally.

Greg Muller: [00:01:14] And what are some of the recent milestones the company’s been able to achieve?

Greg Muller: [00:01:18] Very excited to announce that just as today. So one milestone that we achieved today was the launch of a new patent or the application of a patent going into the registry. That patent pegs out some ground for us some really important ground in the way in which will a process that we use to do some of our predictive analytics and predictive matching. So I’m really excited about that milestone. But four months ago was probably one of our biggest milestones that we’ve had which was the launch, the sales launch of our product here in the Australian market.

David Tasker: [00:01:52] And how engaged are your customers with the product?

Greg Muller: [00:01:55] Oh look, it’s early stages and I say that because we’re dealing with large teams large organisations and it takes a while for those products to come in, train and fully use the platform and we suspect that will happen over the coming months as well. But early stages, the response has been fantastic. There’s excitement over the type of insight that it can create. So early days but the signs are really good.

David Tasker: [00:02:21] And as an investor what should I be looking for moving forward?

Greg Muller: [00:02:24] So we now that we’re selling, now that we’re signing contracts and we announced the contract with Randstad just a couple of days ago which is really exciting, the number two recruitment group in the world. And just before that KPMG and Kinetic as well. So what that means is that we’re now starting to generate revenue. So one of the key indicators that investors should be looking at is revenue and should start to see that tick. Now we are using a subscription based model and that means that it’s month by month subscription so that builds and builds and builds and you start to get to that inflection point over the coming months so you should start to see that. Over into next year we’re looking at heading into the US as well with a sales team. The third thing that they should look at is the partnerships that we’re establishing with our different distribution partners. So people that can have conversations with our customers and get GooRoo in there. So we’re going direct to market but we’re also using a distribution partner network so look for those types of signals coming out of the business over the coming months.

David Tasker: [00:03:26] Exciting times ahead. Great. Thanks for your time.

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