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We’re here today with Jeff Lang CEO and CTO of Titomic. Jeff thanks for your time. Are you able to give some background to Titomic?

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Jeff Lang: [00:00:14] Titanic is basically a company. We recently listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. But our beginnings started with some technology we rolled out in the CSIRO. Basically our main areas in that it in manufacturing. What differentiated from other 3D printing companys. We do stuff larger, smarter and faster. So we believe we’re probably the first industrial scale 3D printing company for metals in the world.

David Tasker: [00:00:37] And what is in the industrial scale 3D printing for metals allow the business to do?

Jeff Lang: [00:00:42] So we can actually enter into other markets that are outside the current scope of normal 3D printing. For instance if you look at the 3D printing industry it’s a six billion dollar turnover last year. We look at the metals industry it is a four trillion dollar a year industry. So because of the scale of what we’re doing we’re not just limited to actually producing small parts we can do very large scale. So when we talk about aerospace, automotive, defence and quite a number of other industries we have a lot of applications where we can use the technology to make larger parts using what we call advanced technology so we can make those parts out of super alloys like titanium and we can make those parts stronger and lighter. We don’t need to do traditional fabrication techniques any longer. So we’re quite have the capability to move into those industry sectors and add value rather than sort of what we call about reinventing the wheel well. A lot of those traditional industries aren’t really in that area putting in a 3D printer. But we add value to their existing production lines then we can improve some of their processes.

David Tasker: [00:01:39] And what are some of the recent milestones the company has been able to achieve?

Jeff Lang: [00:01:42] OK. So like I mentioned earlier we recently listed on the ASX. We’ve had a good start to that and we’ve pretty much doubled in the first week. And yesterday we had a little spike as well and we’re fairly happy where we are now. I think we’re sort of staying on about 49 cents but our main milestone at the moment is our facility in Melbourne. So that being fully commissioned equipment there and we have a full production line as well as the world’s largest 3D metal printer. So the large 3D printer that has a bed which is like you build size and that is nine meters by three by one and half. So quite significant in size. So that’s really going to make people stand up and take notice of what we’re doing.

David Tasker: [00:02:19] And for the future what should investors focus on?

Jeff Lang: [00:02:21] Ah look I think where we’re at at the moment our main business model for the company is about selling machine and long term it’s about selling metal powders into the industry. I think a key differentiator with our equipment it’s just how quick we can build a part. A lot of 3D metal printing machines maybe produce one kilogram in a 24 hour period. We can produce 45 kilograms per hour and with two systems we can actually use a thousand kilograms a day of powder. So we’re quite high volumes in what we’re doing. So as far as the long term goes our business is about selling machines and selling power. Our Melbourne facility is a demonstration model. And we have significant R&D projects on their table at the moment. They’re moving forward into our R&D supply agreements with machine sales. So we’re hoping to actually get some of those announcements pre Christmas or in first quarter 2018.

David Tasker: [00:03:09] Exciting times?

Jeff Lang: [00:03:10] Yeah it’s very exciting times for us and it’s great. This is an Australian company and we’re really showcasing the capabilities and technology that Australians can do.

David Tasker: [00:03:18] Jeff thanks for your time.

Jeff Lang: [00:03:19] Great. Thank you David.

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