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We’re here today with Tony Keating Managing Director and CEO of ResApp Health. Tony thanks for your time. Are you able to share some of the background of ResApp?




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Tony Keating: [00:00:14] So ResApp is a digital health company with developing respiratory disease diagnostic tools that use the smartphone in your pocket. Essentially we have technology that looks for signatures in your cough and matches those signatures to disease. So we can diagnose diseases like pneumonia, bronchiolitis, croup, asthma just through the sound of your cough.

David Tasker: [00:00:34] You’re disrupting a very large market.

Tony Keating: [00:00:36] Yes. Respiratory disease there’s over 700 million visits to doctors every year that result in the diagnosis of respiratory disease. It’s the most common reason for someone visiting a doctor.

David Tasker: [00:00:45] And you’ve had some unexpected results recently?

Tony Keating: [00:00:49] So our U.S. clinical study was a challenging study and we had some challenges running that study primarily around the execution of that study. So during that study unfortunately we had background noise issues. We had issues with patients being treated before they were being recorded. And that resulted in essentially a study that was not a good evaluation of how the technology works.

David Tasker: [00:01:11] And what did you learn and how do you take that forward into the next study phase?

Tony Keating: [00:01:15] So as you can imagine we’ve recruited now in that study twelve hundred and fifty patients so we’ve learnt a great deal about now how to do this properly. So we’re really on a really solid footing now to execute on a new US winter study which we will start this US winter.

David Tasker: [00:01:31] And the people behind the study are still very bullish on the ability to generate a good outcome?

Tony Keating: [00:01:37] Yeah that’s been a really exciting thing over the last few months is that since we’ve had these results we’ve had all the principal investigators, the clinicians who lead the studies at these major US hospitals know really involved in the redesign of this study and really excited about study starting the study again.

David Tasker: [00:01:52] So what should investors focus on for the company over the coming months?

Tony Keating: [00:01:56] So clearly the key for the company is running that US clinical study. We expect to get approvals from the IRB’s the independent review board bodies at the hospitals over the next month or so. We’ll then start recruiting patients in the US winter. We’re also running our Australian clinical studies. And so we expect results from those Australian clinical studies this quarter as well.

David Tasker: [00:02:17] Tony. All the best for the future.

Tony Keating: [00:02:19] Thanks David.

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